“I’m recovering from herniated disks i got about 4 months ago, so I wouldn’t say someone that just got injured should try the ‘low back pain’ session yet. However, if your range of motion backwise is good then please give this a try! I’ve tried other herniated therapy based yoga videos on youtube and purchased others and they work for 1-3 weeks then my back starts to hurt while doing yoga and afterwards. I kept having to change it up but I could tell my back wasn’t going to get better just some relief for a short while. Anyway one day I had the pain all day long it didn’t matter if I was standing, sitting, or laying for more than 20 min I was in dull aching back pain that traveled to my shoulders and neck. I decided to browse around Prime Video for gentle low pain videos, honestly I did not think I would find something that would actually help me! I tried this video on a whim cause I was in pain and needed at least a short relief…this video or this instructor has finally helped me with my entire back pain. I’m pain-free a lot longer and I’m more flexible than before. She says you need a strong core to support your back and she helps you with that. And I love that she doesn’t go crazy with yogi terms because I have no clue (I never did yoga before my injuries). She’ll say the ‘proper’ terms every now and again but mainly the basic terms like ‘cat’ or ‘cow.’ I am soooo grateful that I ran by her videos and just tried it because it really is a blessing to my back. Also her ‘sleep’ and ‘insomnia’ videos are wonderful too. Amazing instructor all around!”