The Wellness Plus Podcast is a podcast containing in-depth interviews with health experts on topics including weight loss, nutrition, mental health, insomnia, pain relief and so much more. Feel better, look better and live better today with The Wellness Plus Podcast by Psychetruth.

Hosted by Certified Holistic Health Coach, Corrina Rachel and various guest hosts.

Dr. Daniel Hochman

  • Received his MD in Psychiatry at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.
  • Specializes in treating patients suffering from addiction.
  • Founder of SelfRecovery.Org

Episode 83

Discussion around addiction often gets shoved away, with most people sure that they don’t have a problem. The truth is that addiction is on the rise and can wear several masks. Substance addiction being the most apparent of it’s forms, but addiction to social media, sugar and a wide range of other things are becoming a growing issue. In today’s episode, psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Hochman, talks in depth about addiction and how we can overcome it.

Eugene Trufkin

  • Founder of Trufkin Athletics
  • Personal Trainer Specializing in Fat Loss
  • Author of the Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Graduate
  • CHEK Institute Trained Professional

Episode 82

You can find labels that say “Organic”, “Free-Range” and “Grass-Fed” all over packages at your local grocery store, but what do those labels actually mean? In today’s episode author and fitness expert, Eugene Trufkin, exposes the dangerous truth behind factory farms and how they use labels like these to sell you foods that aren’t nearly as natural and healthy as they appear.

Trufkin Athletics

Lisa Keefauver

  • Grief Coach
  • Founder of Reimagining Grief
  • Host of the podcast, Grief is a Sneaky B!tch

Episode 81

Grief has long gone on without proper understanding. In our society it seems sadness and negative emotions often get pushed away and shoved aside. But what if pushing those negative emotions is simply numbing our emotional state as a whole and removing the ability to experience true happiness? In today’s episode, grief coach Lisa Keefauver discusses the importance of sitting with grief and how it can allow us to experience true happiness.

Reimagining Grief