Gentle Yoga For Anxiety Sleep & Mood

“I have practiced yoga for several years, and this series is my favorite. Kelly is the most genuine, down-to-earth instructor I have watched. She encourages you to practice at your pace, mood, depth and experience level. She is real and pleasant. She explains the relevance of the poses in conjunction with the breaths. In several videos, she glances at either the wrong recorder for how she is facing, but this is the exact reason I follow her. She is perfectly imperfect without judgment, which is part of the point of practicing yoga in the first place.”

Gentle Yoga For Anxiety Sleep & Mood

“One day I had pain all day long it didn’t matter if I was standing, sitting, or laying for more than 20 min I was in dull aching back pain that traveled to my shoulders and neck. I decided to browse around Prime Video for gentle low pain videos, honestly I did not think I would find something that would actually help me! I tried this video on a whim cause I was in pain and needed at least a short relief…this video or this instructor has finally helped me with my entire back pain. I’m pain-free a lot longer and I’m more flexible than before.”

Feel Good Yoga

“I love that Julia’s flow can improve both mind and body! Julia shares eleegant moves to heal what stress does your mind, spirit, and anatomy. Follow her flow!”

Power Yoga With Julia Marie

“I’ve done several yoga series on Prime, but Julia Marie is hands downdog the best!! Great workout without feeling rushed, or frustrated. She makes it seem easy but make no mistake, your muscles will remind you the next day that you got a great workout. This is definitely my go-to yoga instructor. Thank you, Julia Marie, for making these videos! You’re the best!”

Couch To Confident

“I’m a 40 year old man with flexibility issues and a leg disability. I have tried dozens of yoga video series from Amazon and YouTube and despite my medical issues, I was able to keep up with the lessons and noticed significantly more flexibility from one session to the next. Highly recommend this series.”


“I started watching this channel because of the relaxation I have found watching the videos. Whether it’s asmr or yoga , they both have helped me extremely”


“I have been able to workout 3 times a week without worrying about the right exercises to do. Your videos has helped me lose 30 pounds that 30 pounds closer to my goal. 30 pounds off me. Off my heart.”

30 Days of Yoga To A New You

“I love Jess’s approach to teaching this series! She teaches the basics but also incorporates more difficult poses to give the viewer a broad look at what can be achieved with practice, even if you cannot get into headstand, crow pose, or splits on the first try”

Flexibility Yoga Julia Jarvis

“This yoga has changed my life. Julia is a part of my daily routine. I tried yoga before and hated it, but knew of all the benefits. Watch this video 5 times a week for a month, and you will witness the benefits firsthand.”

Julia Marie 30 Day Yoga For Weight Loss

“I went to a boot camp class once and genuinely hated every minute of it so I never went back. I actually LOOK FORWARD to doing Julia’s videos and I feel like something is off if I miss a day.”